How to Enroll to Auto-Pay

This post will give you a walkthrough on how to enroll to auto-pay. Auto-pay is required by the system before the student can book into one of the classes or courses. Don’t be scared! Auto-pay will not promptly charge you as soon as you enrolled. The booking system only requires the parent to enroll for multiple classes in the future. 

Watch the video for more information and guidelines on how to enroll to auto-pay. Hope you find this helpful.

We encourage you to read our Studio Handbook for more information about Bookings, Payments and Cancellation policy. Let me show you how to access our Studio Handbook.

Click back to home, and click Shared Files.

If you wish to download our Studio Handbook you are free to do so by clicking the Studio Handbook Downloadable. You can also view the Studio Handbook on PDF version.

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